Smart Eye Massager
Smart Eye Massager

Smart Eye Massager

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The Smart Eye Massager is designed to relieve headaches, eye fatigue, sinus pressure, and improve sleep quality. It promotes blood flow and helps your face muscles relax and recover at a moment's notice.

This device is perfect for those who look at digital screens throughout the day, those who read a lot, long-distance drivers, and people with dry eyes. It's also very popular amongst people with migraines and chronic headaches.

One session lasts 10 minutes, and we recommend using it daily or every other day for long-term results. With use over time, it can improve your tolerance against eye-fatigue, headaches, and reduce wrinkles.


Our massager combines safe air compression, trigger point therapy, heat therapy, and rhythmic percussion massage to give you the optimal experience. It even has Bluetooth so that you can enjoy your favorite music during the therapy.

1. Put the massager over your eyes and tighten the strap to preference.

2. Click the power button to start your 10-minute therapy.

3. Use the control panel to adjust the temperature and massage settings.

The device is completely wireless and uses USB charging. Its portable design is lightweight and can be folded in half.