Sheet Straps

Sheet Straps

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"It's the smallest things in life that can make such a big difference."

That's how a lot of customers feel after using the Sheet Straps and never having to see another sheet-wrinkle again. You get the refreshing feeling that you can lie down, sit, or whatever, and the sheets will still stay in place, perfectly wrinkle-free.

The Sheet Straps have nickel-plated metal clips and heavy-duty elastic cords that firmly hold the bedsheets together. The clip has a unique plastic clenching system that protects the fabric from being damaged.

  • Package includes: 4 straps


Stronger and More Tightly:

  • The built-in plastic clenching system to protect the fabric from being damaged.
  • The enhanced nylon "Clips" and nickel plated clamps to holds the sheets firmly in place.


Premium Quality:

  • Fine texture & rust-proof nickel plated clamps.
  • Wider and thicker elastic bands to ensure a stronger and more durable holding system.


Stable Triangle Design:

  • A 3-ways triple protection design to keep your sheet tidy all the time.
  • Work with variety types of beddings.
  • Easy to put on and keeps sheets in place.
  • Material: Elastic Nylon Band + Nickel Plated Clamps