Neck Relief Pillow
Neck Relief Pillow
Neck Relief Pillow

Neck Relief Pillow

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Wake up feeling on top of the world!

Ever longed for the days when everything flows perfectly, everything you do and say goes natural without even thinking..? 

Increase your chances of having your best days, every day, with a Neck Relief Pillow.

  • Proper Sleeping Posture: Get increased air- and blood circulation to give you better sleep quality.
  • Designed for Everlasting Comfort: Lay all night in deep comfort without ever having to re-adjust or shake a flattened pillow.
  • For Side, Stomach and Back Sleepers: It's designed to give you the best support and comfort regardless of sleeping position.

The Ingredients of Great Sleep Quality
Our Pillow stacks the odds in your favor to get the best sleep possible. Your sleep duration in the crucial stages largely determines the outcome of your sleep. Get through all the important sleeping-stages in comfort without interruptions.

  • REM sleep: This is the crucial stage for re-energizing your mind and body. This sleep stage is associated with dreaming, memory consolidation, leaning, and creativity. 
  • Deep sleep: The most restorative and rejuvenating sleep stage, enabling muscle growth and repair.

Avoid The Fall Pits Holding Back Your Best Days
You might be at risk of sleeping an entire night without getting enough sleep in these essential stages to wake up refreshed and ready. These are some falls pits our pillow helps you avoid:

  • Bad posture can negatively affect the important sleep-stage durations.
  • Discomfort causes interrupted sleep which significantly reduces sleep quality.

Prevent or Treat Neck- and Back pain
Our pillow is also designed to provide optimal neck alignment to help reduce neck, and spine pain and keep airways aligned and unrestricted to alleviate snoring.

Pillow Design
The Neck Relief Pillow is layered with two washable cloth casings around the memory foam. It's not advised to wash the memory foam. We recommend using a second conventional cover to maintain greater cleanliness.