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Grandma outplay thieves – Attacker leaves completely baffled and empty handed

Richard Johnson | Tuesday, April 13, 2021

After recent increase of attacks on seniors, police are urging older residents to carry this new bag to protect their valuables.

It was a normal day for Angela (74), she had just finished shopping at the mall and was on her way to her car in the parking lot… when she suddenly got attacked by a thief. “He stormed towards me and said ‘don’t fight, give me your wallet’. I just froze up.”

He proceeded to forcefully search all the pockets of her pants and jacket, but they were all empty. She also didn’t wear a handbag which surprised him. His intense effort without any results made him run away completely baffled.

“It was a very frightening experience but it also made me realize the effectiveness of my new bag.”

Angela had just stopped wearing purses because of shoulder pain and had replaced them with a Personal Pocket Bag which weighs evenly around the body.

“All of my valuables were inside the Personal Pocket Bag which luckily was hidden under my jacket when the robbery happened. It really is a fantastic safety trick!”, she says.

While Angela was lucky enough to be carrying a Personal Pocket Bag, securing all her valuables, others weren’t so lucky…

In the month of March alone, Police have reported a dramatic increase in attacks targeting seniors, with many suffering serious financial loss.

"This trend of targeting seniors is deeply disturbing, but it's a harsh reality we have to deal with. It is absolutely imperative that our elderly residents stay on high alert and protect themselves by carrying a Personal Pocket Bag."

After her attack, Angela has recommended the Personal Pocket Bag to all of her friends and bought one for her son which loves to travel around the world.

So, what is a Personal Pocket Bag?

It’s a flat bag with a unique shape that fits naturally around the body - Easy and comfortable to hide under a jacket for complete safety over your valuables. It has zippered pockets with cloth that overlaps and hides the zippers.

It comes with an easily accessible phone pocket – just turn your back to the crowd and no one can see you use it, instead of reaching into your pants’ pockets openly. Carry a ton of stuff in its many pockets while the bag will remain flat and comfortable.

Born out of trauma

Ron Parker, the inventor of the Personal Pocket Bag, knows all too well the type of situation that Angela found herself in.

“I’ll never forget the feeling of reaching into my pocket and then just freeze up”, he says.

Some years ago, Ron was on a vacation alone, and on the day of his home trip, he got to experience something traumatic he’ll never forget.

“When they asked for my passport, I reached into my pocket but felt it was empty.. For a second I just froze, then checked the rest of my pockets and felt my wallet and phone was gone as well”, he says.

Ron desperately needed to get home in time for a new project at work, but this abrupt incident changed everything..

“My mind started racing and looping around, I kept thinking through my every step, but couldn’t figure out how, where and when it happened. The only thing I felt sure about was that it was stolen.”

Without a passport, money, or a phone in a foreign country, Ron had a big challenge ahead of him. He got home two weeks later, after having to sell a lot of his luggage, loan money for hotel, food, and a new plane ticket while waiting for the embassy to produce a new passport. Ron admits it could have gotten a lot worse, but when he finally got home, he was reassigned at work and ultimately lost a big promotion.

With the bitter consequences and inner trauma, Ron started researching on the web looking into what happened to get some closure and relief. What he found was fascinating..

Look at how sneaky they operate..

"The sneaky pickpockets are so extremely good at their craft because most of them have practiced since they were little kids. And they're apparently very good at discreetly stealing from pockets of regular pants and jackets", he says.

“Reading this gave me an idea to try and develop something new and unknown - something they’ve never trained for. After a lot of testing and experimenting, the final product ended up as the Personal Pocket Bag.”

Not only does the Personal Pocket Bag provide safety from pickpockets, but also forced robberies - an overall protection from thieves.

Angela's story is a story Ron Parker hears almost every day—how the Personal Pocket Bag was able to help someone win over thieves.

"But I never get tired of hearing it," he says with a smile.

Police Recommended

Police have been recommending the Personal Pocket Bag since it first hit the market, and the movement is beginning to pick up steam.

“It’s completely new and unknown territory for any pickpocket – something they indeed have never seen or ever trained for.”

In fact, since its debut, it has been in a state of constant flux, shifting between IN STOCK to SOLD OUT nearly every other week...

And, it’s also amassed tons of loyal followers worldwide...

I wanted to get a professional’s opinion on the effectiveness of the Personal Pocket Bag, so I talked to Chief of Police Tim Anderson. Here’s his take:

“The Personal Pocket Bag has singlehandedly helped thousands of lives across the country. And, it’s needed now more than ever. Thievery has risen drastically so far in 2021, particularly in the last month. But, after reviewing thousands of reports so far this year, I’ve noticed a positive trend. In cases where the Personal Pocket Bag is used, the victims usually keep their belongings.”
- Tim Anderson, Police Chief

My own personal experience with the personal pocket bag in action…

As a traveling journalist, we are often distracted with our work, observing unfolding events, taking notes, and so on, while exposing ourselves to all kinds of environments - not all so safe.

I, therefore, became very interested in trying out the bag for myself, and wanted to clear up some skepticism about its practicality, like why not just use the inner pockets in our jackets, and what if it’s too hot to wear a jacket..?

So I ordered it online from the official website to get some answers.

After testing it out for a few months on several trips, I’ve gotten very used to it and don’t want to go back. I’ve always been aware of the risk of getting pickpocketed, but never thought I would feel so much better and more relaxed. With the bag tightly secured, I get such a confidence boost that’s just incomparable to the regular ways.

The access is a lot quicker and easier and can’t really be compared with inside pockets on jackets. The fact that I can very subtly take out my phone and not stick out and make myself a target for thieves is a huge plus. As for hot climates, I had to take off my jacket but it still felt safe to wear it with the clear awareness in front and the hidden zippers.

How much does it cost? (And is it worth the price?)

The first bag I bought was for $49.95, but have recently gotten a few more for only $29.95 on a 40% sale. Hopefully, it’s still on sale when you read this.

As far as value, it’s definitely worth the price. Just the feeling of confidence and security is something I value a lot on its own.

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